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I/O Cards

We supply a wide range of I/O (Input/Output) Cards which are designed to add a variety of ports to your computer allowing the user to add additional hardware, such as additional hard disk drives for storage or USB ports for all your peripheral needs.

We stock a range of leading brands including ASUS, Intel, Chronos, Vantec and many more. Titan Ice provides a large selection of I/O cards with a variety of functions to meet all the I/O needs a power user might need, now or in the future. 

What Are I/O Cards Used For?

I/O cards allow a user to expand upon the limited number of ports offered by either your motherboard or chassis. This alleviates the need to upgrade expensive components when needing to add newer ports, for example - the latest revision of USB or adding additional storage. This is especially handy if you prefer not having a plethora of external hubs on your desk.