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Power Supplies

Power supplies are an often overlooked part of the essential computing kit. The power supply unit, or PSU, powers all the components inside your PC.  Whether you are upgrading, building a new set-up, it is essential you use the correct power supply for your computer.


Power Supplies work by converting the AC electric current from the mains into a DC electric current powering all the components inside the computer. Ensuring peak performance of your computing system, a high-quality power supply means better computing stability and reliability of performance over time. High-grade power supplies deliver constant, reliable power to your PC, without noise or overheating. 

For gaming or for work, at home or at the office, a power supply helps to ensure reliable, superior computing performance. We stock all the top brands like ASUS, Cooler Master, Corsair and many more. Check out our extensive range of power supplies below. 

How do I know which power supply I need for a computer?

Which power supply you should buy depends on the components in your computer, and what you use the system for. Generally speaking, you should aim for a power supply that delivers a wattage at least 40% greater than the wattage used by your hardware combined.

You will also have to take into account what you often use your computer for, as it will have to work harder when running more demanding programs or games, and therefore will require more power. As a result, gamers and designers will need more headroom than those who use their computers for social media or admin tasks.

Modular, Semi-modular, & Non-modular

A modular power supply is one that has no pre-attached cables, allowing the user to simply install only what they need, leading to easier cable management, less mess, and better airflow. 

A semi-modular power supply is basically the same as above but has the 24-pin pre-wired, allowing you to use all the other cables as and when you need them.  

A non-modular power supply has all cables pre-attached, and are often seen as an entry-level solution. 

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