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Water Cooling

If you want to take your cooling up a notch, water cooling is the way to go. Water-cooling is perfect for those looking to achieve the lowest temperatures and noise levels with overclocked components. Water-cooling involves the use of tubes, fittings, pumps, water blocks, radiators and coolant to keep the lowest temperatures possible for your PC.


In addition, many of these options come in a wide range of styles and colours, allowing you to create some personalised and attractive PCs. CPUs, GPUs and motherboards can be water-cooled. Get in touch with us for more information on our range of water cooling products, or browse our range below. 

What Is Water Cooling?

There are several different ways to cool your PC with some being more efficient than others. Water cooling, or liquid cooling, is one of the best solutions to tackling the heat output of your PC. 

Water cooling requires a liquid coolant. This fluid is contained within its own system, called a water loop. This means none of the liquid actually touches any of the components in your PC and instead, the liquid flows through water blocks that are installed near the components that need cooling. 

The heat that is accumulated is then dispersed through a radiator after being pumped through the loop. A water-cooling reservoir is used to ensure the pump is always filled with liquid.