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Welcome to Titan-Ice, the industry leader in high-quality computer keyboards in South Africa! Whether you’re an avid PC gamer looking to take your gameplay to the next level, or a busy working professional, we have the best selection of wired and wireless keyboards for every budget. Browse our catalogue today! 


High-Quality Mechanical Keyboards In South Africa

Our extensive collection of external keyboards is designed to enhance the gaming experience and streamline note-taking for both gamers and students. Discover a diverse range of top-notch PC keyboards from leading brands such as Genius and Corsair, ensuring unparalleled quality.

But that's not all! For our esteemed customers, we take it up a notch by presenting an impressive selection of premium-feel mechanical keyboards in South Africa. Embrace a durable and immersive typing experience, elevating your interactions with your PC beyond what traditional membrane, scissor, or butterfly keyboards can offer. Enjoy a new level of customisation with our range of mechanical keyboards, tailored to suit the preferences of every user.

Zero Lag Bluetooth Keyboards 

At the heart of intense gaming sessions or marathon note-taking runs lies the need for a dependable Bluetooth keyboard that never falters. Allow us to introduce our handpicked assortment of premium Bluetooth keyboards, tailored to elevate the experiences of PC gamers and busy students alike. Discover top-of-the-line gaming keyboards, such as the renowned Corsair K63 wireless gaming keyboard, alongside Microsoft's All-in-One Bluetooth keyboard, all carefully chosen to provide you with a seamless, lag-free performance. Say goodbye to interruptions and embrace a new level of reliability with our unbeatable selection of Bluetooth keyboards today!


Question: Can computer keyboards be washed?

Yes, some computer keyboards can be washed, but it's essential to exercise caution. Only certain types of keyboards, like waterproof or silicone-coated ones, are designed to withstand washing. Standard keyboards with mechanical components should not be washed, as it may damage them. For safe cleaning, use disinfectant wipes or compressed air to remove dirt and debris. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines before attempting to clean your keyboard.

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