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Keep your desktop PC or laptop running smoothly with the latest, security, operating systems and Office applications from Titan Ice. Choose from a wide range of PC software packages and discover the very latest releases to make your computer more efficient and more secure, than ever before.


Why Do I Need Software?

Your operating system is how you interact with your computer, whether gaming, working or studying, having the most up to date software will go a long way for end user productivity. Not using your computer for gaming? Then it’s time to kick your productivity into high gear with the right programs, like Microsoft Office. Just make sure you have a good antivirus program to keep your valuable data protected.

Microsoft Office

Whatever you use your PC for it is highly likely that you’ll need to make use of office software at some stage. This robust suite of productivity tools is essentially unrivalled in the quality and quantity of applications. Word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations are all easily within your grasp when you install Microsoft Office. 

Whether it's for the office or for occasional home use, our range of industry-leading office software provides powerful and beautifully intuitive tools for an array of office tasks.

Security Software

An anti-virus, like that offered by Kaspersky, is an absolute must in this day and age of cyber-attacks and online threats. Data breaches are all too common and it is foolish to assume that you wouldn’t be targeted. Save yourself a call to tech support and take preventative measures to protect yourself.