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A poor network adapter can make for a slow computer experience, no matter how new or expensive your build is. So, whether you need to unleash your PC powerhouse or give a more basic computer setup a helping hand with its performance, a quality network adapter is what you’re looking for. These work by allowing your device to communicate over a local network and connect to both the internet and other computers.


Why South Africa trusts Titan-Ice with their adapters  

With the brands that Titan-Ice stock like Intel, Netgear and ASUS, you know you’re getting the best technology available. Our huge range of networking adapters also means that, whether you need multiple USB ports, WiFi 6 functionality, Bluetooth or anything else, Titan-Ice likely have what you need! After all, we’ve been supplying Pretoria and South Africa with custom gaming PCs and computer components for years, for experts and rookies alike. If you need help, then our team can assist you with any of your questions - whether it’s about WiFi adapters or anything else!