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  • ‎R400
  • ‎R46000
Motherboard Support (Max)
Side Panel
Expansion Slots
Radiator size support
I/O Ports
Drive Bays - 2.5"
Drive Bays - 3.5"
Drive Bays - 5.25"
Fan Mounts - 120mm
Fan Mounts - 140mm
Fan Mounts - 200mm
Case Fans Included
Max CPU Cooler Height
Max GPU Length
Max PSU Length
Power Supply

Computer Chassis

To finish off your customised PC, you need a high-quality case. The desktop PC case is where all your components will end up, and the variety available is staggering. From basic towers that get the job done to mammoth showpieces and even tiny cases that are living-room-friendly, Titan Ice has you covered.


Our range of PC cases features a variety of styles, including windowed cases, that allow you to see inside your PC. Your PC chassis doesn’t only enclose your components, but can also come with additional features such as LED lights, built-in card readers, and noise dampening. 

When it comes to finishing off your PC build, you want to make sure you pick the right Tower Case, especially if you plan on stacking up high-end gaming components. Computer cases are a vital part of your setup, whether you’re building a new PC from scratch or modding your current system. All cases in our range are made with the highest quality and competitively priced. Find the right computer case for you online today. 

Style & Performance

For many PC gamers, building a custom gaming rig is as much about the performance as it is the aesthetics. This is why the PC chassis plays such a prominent role in PC building. It's more than just a shell holding components in place, it's a demonstration of craftsmanship, time, effort and personality.

Computer Chassis FAQ

What Is A Computer Case?

A computer case, sometimes known as a computer chassis, tower, cabinet or system unit, is the structure that holds the components of a computer. Cases are often made from steel, aluminium and plastic.

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