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External Storage

Discover our range of Data Storage options at Titan Ice. External and internal hard drives give you a range of ways to store and back up your data, safely and securely. Whether you need a simple USB Stick for transferring pictures and documents or a portable hard drive for an even larger amount of space to back up your laptop or desktop, our range of external storage products will have something for you. 

At Titan Ice, we stock a range of leading brands such as Netac, SanDisk, ASUS and many more so you can find the perfect external drive that suits your needs. We also stock a large range of SSD drives. Perfect if you’re looking to upgrade your existing desktop or laptop.

Thanks to external, internal and portable hard drives, we don't have to just make room with whatever storage capacity our laptop or PC has onboard. Our hard drive options give you room to grow. Copy, store and organise your files, photos, movies, music and more in seconds, freeing up room on your PC or laptop to instantly speed up all-around performance.

Whatever you want to store, our hard drives are designed to meet a range of memory needs. From pocket-friendly USB flash drives that give you up to 64GB all the way up to external hard drives that give you 8TB of serious backup power, it’s easy to find a storage solution that fits your needs and budget.

Please note that USB 3 revisions have been renamed a few times. The list below explains it. Some of the items on this page my be using old naming conventions.