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Solid State Drives

SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drives are faster, more reliable and much more efficient than normal hard drives (HDD). Solid-state drives are currently the fastest form of storage available and can give your system a massive boost in application and OS load times, data-transfer speeds and overall system responsiveness.

The speed of a Solid State Drive comes from using flash memory chips, which unlike traditional hard drives have no moving parts. This makes them more reliable, smaller and lighter. Another big plus point is how easy they are to install into your computer case.


Very reliable and durable SSD hard drives are able to withstand knocks and shocks which makes them ideal for use in laptops. However, they are now increasingly found in desktop models as they provide very quick start-up speeds and silent operation. 

What Are The Different Types Of SSDs Available


SATA SSDs are ideal for those who want to increase system performance or require additional storage for their desktops or laptop.


Delivering similar performance to a SATA SSD, the mSATA has a smaller form-factor which makes it ideal for motherboards that feature mSATA connectivity, as well as laptops making use of a thin form-factor.

M.2 Drive

M.2 drives feature their own proprietary M.2 slot, which provides the same transfer speeds as a standard SATA drive.


Functioning in a similar manner to M.2 drives, PCIe SSDs connect to the motherboard’s PCIe slot and offer increased performance over SATA based SSDs. 

Solid State Drives FAQ

How Much Faster Are SSD’s?

Compared to a regular HDD, an SSD will provide an instantly noticeable improvement in speed when booting up. The huge improvement in speed is also very noticeable when opening applications and files, searching for documents and internet browsing. If you are looking to improve the speed of an older PC or Laptop instead of replacing it, a Solid State Drive will have a huge impact on your overall system performance.

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