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Hard Drives

Hard disk drives (HDDs) are used for storing masses of data in your system. While they are often slower than SSDs, they do come in far larger capacities, allowing you to get as much as 20TB in a single drive. Internal drives come in two main form factors: 3.5in, which you typically use in desktop PCs, and 2.5in, which are usually for laptops.


Installing a new hard drive in your PC or laptop can boost its overall performance and provide you with additional space for the storage of masses of your data files. With a hard drive, your information is stored with a magnetic coating that stores any data you desire, be it documents, music, films; no file is too large. Browse our range of hard drives below to find the perfect one for your PC. 

Types of Internal Hard Drives

Upgrading available storage is a common addition to most PCs, whether you're adding an extra hard drive or replacing a current one. However, picking the right Internal Hard Drive can be slightly more challenging. 

The most common type of Hard Drive is the Internal 3.5" SATA drive. These hard drives will fit into any 3.5" drive bay and provide you with a variation in storage capacity, allowing you to choose the amount of additional storage you want. 

If you're looking for extra storage and some extra speed at the same time then you may be better off with a Solid State Hard Drive. These process tasks at a far faster ratio, however, they are often more expensive than a standard hard drive and don’t have as much storage.

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