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Product Features


For your computer at home or the office, you want audio that is clear and crisp. whether you are gaming, chatting via your PC or listening to music, find the headset that’s right for you with our range of headphones.


From a budget option to more premium gaming headsets, our range has it all. Browse our selection of PC headsets from manufacturers you can trust and choose between wired and wireless headsets that connect to your computer or laptop.

Here at Titan Ice, we have a variety of office and home headsets for any number of uses, from taking calls, telecommuting, video conferencing, or even listening to music. Our headsets are multitaskers that block noise and allow you to perform any number of tasks, even in a busy environment. Free up your hands while you talk with our range of computer headsets. 

Wired Headsets

Wired headsets can feature one of two ways to connect, via a USB-A cable or a 3.5 mm jack. Wired headsets are compatible with most operating systems, providing easy plug-and-play solutions for calls, video meetings, webinars, online training, or even gaming. 

Some models of wired headsets have simple in-line controls located on the cord or ear cup that let you easily adjust volume, mute calls, and more without disruption. In addition, you can also adjust sound settings with the on-screen volume controls accessible via your computer or laptop. 

Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets connect via Bluetooth or a USB-A receiver and provide the same features of their wired counterparts but with the added benefit of allowing you to get up and move around while still using the headset. 

Even without the cord, some wireless headsets can still adjust volume, mute calls, and make music selections. Simple on-ear controls make this possible. The added freedom is helpful not just for people who work in a busy office setting. It’s also useful for working at home.

Wireless Headsets
Wired Headsets