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Gaming Devices

When it comes to PC gaming, we've got you covered with absolutely everything you need to create the perfect set-up and play the latest and greatest PC games. Whether you're into town and city-builders, strategy games or epic adventure RPGs, you've come to exactly the right place. We've got a fantastic array of gaming accessories too, from rainbow coloured gaming keyboards to racing wheels and optical mice - and most importantly, you'll need one of our high-performance gaming PCs.


Game Controllers

When it comes to finding the best PC gaming controller, we’ve got you covered with an array of options from all the leading brands. From Logitech gamepads to Thrustmaster gaming joysticks for PC flight sims, they’re all here.

Gaming Keypads

Gaming keyboards are tailor-made to meet the specific demands of committed gamers, delivering enhanced responsiveness, improved comfort, robust build quality and more customisation options than standard non-mechanical keyboards.


Enhance your flight simulator and space sim gaming with a new joystick for PC or games console. Comfortable, ergonomic designs. Weighted bases for stability when you need it most. Our range of gaming joysticks includes well-known brands, such as Thrustmaster and Logitech. 

Steering Wheels

Your racing sims experience is only as good as your gaming steering wheel and pedals, so get the best your budget allows. Tear up the tracks in your favourite driving games with steering wheel and pedals that go the distance – just like you.

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