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Intel Gaming PCs

Future proof your gaming computer by choosing Intel and you won’t need to worry about updating and upgrading for a while. Trust us, we’ve been helping South Africa maximise frame rates and graphical settings for years. Known as a powerhouse for single-core tasks, the likes of an i7 gaming PC can deliver an average FPS of 150+ on games like Apex Legends, or almost double for Valorant.


Our team can help PC gaming newcomers and experts!

Combined with cutting-edge water cooling systems, solid-state drives (SSDs), and motherboards, you can get a serious competitive edge with one of our Intel gaming PCs. Does some of that technology sound like a foreign language? Don’t worry, we supply experts but our Pretoria-based team are happy to help newcomers build a PC that matches their gaming needs and budget. You don’t need to know the difference between an i9 PC and an i5 10th gen CPU - because we do.