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Get the latest PC cooling components at Titan Ice to keep your machine cool. PCs today are expected to deal with demanding applications that have complex processes. The latest games and multimedia downloads also require a lot from your computer, so keeping your machine cool is essential. Prevent your PC from becoming damaged with the right cooling fans today.


If you’re building your own custom PC or modding your current build, we have all the components you need for keeping your PC cool. Within our range, you will find the right fans and CPU coolers to keep everything running well. We even have the latest PC cases which also play a huge part in ensuring enough air gets into your system.

From compact units that fit in the tightest confines to larger towers that offer better CPU temperatures and reduced noise, there is a broad range of air coolers to choose from. Browse our range of the latest cooling systems including case fans, air coolers and liquid coolers to ensure you have everything you need to meet your usage demands.

Cooler Types

CPU Coolers

CPU coolers are designed to be used on the processor and come in a variety of styles. For those with a large chassis, tower heatsinks prove to be the most effective.  As the metal heat sink makes direct contact with the CPU, thermal output spreads throughout the heatsink by the means of heat pipes and fins, giving way to airflow through the means of a fitted fan.

Types Of Fans 

PWM Fans

Built with a 4 pin connector, rather than the standard 3 pin, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) fans provide the user with control over its functionality when directly plugged into the motherboard. This allows the user to set fan speeds according to the temperature of components, meaning the fan will adjust according to the user's preference.

RGB Fans

RGB Fans are a great way to add colour and customisation to your system. RGB Fans are equipped with LED lights to allow the user to show off their personal taste and style. In addition, some RGB fans, known as Addressable RGB, or ARGB for short, allow the user to set the individual strips of the LED to produce independent colours, providing greater versatility.  This proves ideal for showing off internal components due to the brightness that most LED backlighting will provide.