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The motherboard is the central hub of a PC and is the main printed circuit board in your computer, facilitating communication between essential components such as your CPU and RAM. The motherboard is connected to every other component in your PC, from the CPU to the memory in the DIMM slots to GPUs and SSDs.


Here at Titan Ice, we stock a wide range of quality motherboards for both AMD and Intel processors, covering all the current sockets, by all the major motherboard manufacturers including ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI. Our range includes all major sizes of motherboards available. 

Intel and AMD Processors

When you buy a PC motherboard, it’s important to check the socket type to ensure you buy the right components. The motherboard must match the socket type of the CPU you have or intend to add to your PC for smooth running.

AMD motherboard bundles have corresponding processors to ensure you match them perfectly. Intel motherboards, on the other hand, aren’t backwards or forwards compatible, so it’s vital that you choose an Intel processor that is suitable. 

Gaming PC Motherboards

Gaming PC motherboard options are highly rated for their features and reliability. We stock all the leading brands of Motherboards, including Gigabyte, Asus, MSI and Asrock. So, if you're a brand loyalist and like to keep your motherboard and graphics card all from the same brand, we have you covered.

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