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Give your gaming, web browsing and streaming experience a serious upgrade with our range of PC Multimedia equipment, such as dedicated PC speakers, microphones, remote controls, webcams and many more. 

PC Speakers

Many PCs and desktop computers don’t come with high-grade speakers, while the built-in speakers found on laptops and tablets are often tiny and weak. Dedicated PC speakers allow you to enjoy a serious boost in audio power, as well as surround sound capabilities. From watching movies on your laptop, to capturing professional audio sound in your home music studio or at the office, you’ll find a range of PC speakers to suit your specific needs.


Capture studio-quality sound on your desktop with ease with our extensive microphone range. Recording audio for vocals, music, multimedia production and gaming is simple with these plug-and-play microphones that are perfect for budding podcasters, musicians and gamers looking to live stream.


Webcams are essential for making video calls from your PC or laptop. Webcams are quick to install and easy to use so you’ll be up and running in no time. If you want to stay in touch with your loved ones or make video calls from your home office, check out the great range of Logitech webcams. 

Video Capture Equipment

If you’re a seasoned gamer and enjoy sharing your gaming exploits with friends or online followers over social media, you’re probably well aware of game capture cards. Like other types of screen capture software, they record the onscreen action. But, because they’re separate components, capture cards put very little strain on the console or PC you’re using, which ensures that lagging, skipping or freezing is far less likely.

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