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Whether you use your computer for work, browsing the web, or gaming, you’ll benefit from having a good keyboard and mouse to go with it. Check out our wide range of keyboards and mice for peripherals that you can rely on, from top brands such as Logitech, Microsoft, Razer and more.


Our range of combos has something to suit every budget and requirement, from straightforward and affordable essentials, to ergonomic designs and even light-up LED peripherals. Our handy combos allow you to save time shopping for computer essentials so you can spend more time either building your rig or enjoying using it. 

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

If you are looking for a clean look to your computer or are tired of wires getting in your way, a wireless keyboard and mouse is perfect for you. Both peripherals will connect to your PC via WiFi or Bluetooth, meaning there is no need to have any wires on your desk. 

In addition, you can place your keyboard anywhere you’d like and move your mouse freely, without worrying about tangled wires and being tethered to your computer.

Gaming Keyboards & Mice

For avid PC gamers, a quality gaming keyboard and mouse are essential for staying ahead of the game. Choose a rapid responding gaming mouse, boasting features such as an advanced optical sensor and rubber grips that help you stay in control combined with a specialist gaming keyboard with stunning RGB lighting effects and an anti-slip base designed to hold them securely in place when things get exciting and you will be winning in no time.