Sunix RS-232 Serial 2-port ExpressCard

  • When Do I Get It?
SUNIX ECS2400 was created to meet the need of the ExpressCard market where notebooks, desktops, and ?? ?docking stations could add two additional RS-232 serial ports via a single slim-type 34/54mm ExpressCard slot. ECS2400 equips SUNIX high performance and realizable chipset quad UARTs, UL7512EQ and as well built with many of SUNIX advanced features and technologies, making it the best solution for commercial and industrial automation applications. Users will benefit from ExpressCard plug-n-play ease of use, which eliminates the need to open the chassis to add new features. With SUNIX ECS2400 RS-232 ExpressCard, you can connect serial peripherals such as GPS receivers, serial printers/plotters, barcode scanners, digital cameras, PDAs, Cell Phones and fax/modems.

Designed to meet PCI Express Base Specification Revision 1.1.
Full single-lane (or x1) PCI Express throughput.
Compliant with ExpressCard 34 and 54mm slot.
Expands two RS-232 serial ports with communication speeds up to 921.6Kbps.
High reliability SUNIX UL7512EQ 16C650 compatible UART controller on-board.
Built-in ±15KV ESD protection for all serial signals meets IEC1000-4-2 standard.
Plug-n-Play, I/O address and IRQ assigned by BIOS.
Hot-swapping feature allows you to connect/disconnect devices without powering down the system.
Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and Microsoft WQHL approval.
Support Microsoft Windows, Linux, and DOS.

Product Description: 2 port RS-232 High Speed ExpressCard

Controller: SUNIX Matrix UL7512EQ (16C650 UART Compatible) Bus Interface: PCI Express one lane (x1)
ExpressCard Type: 34mm
PCB connector: DB44 Female