Zalman ZM-GWB8800GT/GTS (G92) VGA Waterblock

VGA water-block produced with dimple-processing, designed for use with NVIDIA Geforce 8800GT/GTS (G92) chipset series.

- Zalman’s innovative dimple-type processing technology allows lightness in weight and excellent cooling performance.
- Pure aluminum-base material water bock provides excellent heat transfer, and anodized base prevents corrosion.
- High performance thermal pads with excellent elasticity provide great adhesion to all heat-generating components.
- The optimized design allows easy installation and direct cooling of high heat generating components such as RAM and the FET chipset.

- Dimensions: 93(W) x 183(L) x 31(H) mm
- Weight: 350g
- Base Material: Pure Aluminum Alloy

Compatible Tube Sizes (Outer x Inner):
- 13 x 9mm
- 12 x 8mm
- 11 x 8mm
- 10 x 8mm
- 14 x 10mm
- 12 x 10mm
- 11 x 9mm

Please note:
This component is to be used together with other watercooling components in order to have a functional cooling system.