Alphacool 180° variable SLI connector G1/4 - G1/4 (Black nickel)

A new kind of connector for a multitude of applications!

This is a 180° connector, but the versatile design basically makes it a 360° connector! The multitude of moving parts on this small connector make this extremely versatile: The threads are revolvable, the two angled pieces can also be rotated and may additionally pulled apart and pushed together! The bridgeable distance between the two 90° connectors can hence be varied between 10mm and 30mm!

Technical details:
Material: Black nickel plated brass
Colour: Silver
Threads: 2x 1/4" outer threads
Bridgeable distance: 10-30mm
Height: 27m
Thread length: 4mm
Product No.: 17153

Extent of delivery:
1x 180° connector variable G1/4" to G1/4" SLI - black nickel