Cougar Arena Gaming Mouse Pad - Black

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Extra Large Pro Gaming Surface: Balanced Sliding

The COUGAR ARENA`s unique design is the ideal battleground for your games. Its wide area will allow you to move freely, while its surface guarantees you both a smooth glide and the right level of precision to avoid lagging behind in the fiercest online battles.

Water Proof + Battle-proof: superior durability

With its stitched border and its water resistance this mouse pad will keep performing flawlessly in the harshest of environments. In the heat of battle you cannot afford to be gentle; we know it and designed the CONTROL 2 to withstand all kinds of punishments from liquid spills to harsh movements.

Soft Cloth Material for Enhanced Portability

The COUGAR CONTROL 2 combines a high quality cloth surface with a rubber base, which provides a high degree of portability without sacrificing quality and durability.

Compatible with Laser and Optical Mice

COUGAR CONTROL 2´s surface has been optimized for high quality sensors and thoroughly tested both with optical and laser gaming mice. With a COUGAR CONTROL 2 you know that you are getting the most out of your sensor.


Model: ARENA BLACK Gaming Mouse Pad

Width (mm): 800

Length (mm): 300

Thickness (mm): 5

Surface Material: Cloth

Base Material: Natural Rubber

Base Color: Black

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