Saitek Pacific AV8R Flight Stick for PC

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Accurate Aerial Control

Dual modes give you compatibility with all your favorite flying games. And the AV8R flawlessly performs with Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII, available for download on Steam. With accurate flight and throttle controls, multiple cockpit switches and a realistic trigger, the precision to conquer the enemy and rule the skies is in your hands.

Removable Grip with Soft-Touch Rubber Finish

Inspired by history but created for current-gen gaming, the AV8R FlightStick's removable handle delivers total immersion into your favorite titles. Replete with three action buttons, a satisfying trigger for blasting bogeys and a POV analog stick for easy access to the panoramic views of your in-game surroundings. Twist rudder controls add another dimension to gameplay while providing a distinct advantage over gamepad users, and the soft-touch finish promotes extreme comfort during extend flights.

Detachable Leg Supports for Versatile Gameplay

No matter if your preferred gaming area is a desk or couch, the Pacific AV8R FlightStick has you covered. Removable leg supports give you the choice of a table or thigh-mounted configuration. 

Aircraft-Inspired Toggle Switches

Whether zooming in or your primary target or cycling through your aircraft's secondary weapons, on/off toggle switches provide the same in-cockpit control used by actual pilots.

Dual Throttles Enhance Realism

For finer control over twin-engine aircraft, the integrated throttle splits into two individual pieces. You can also set them up to use one as your main throttle and the other as a flap axis, or lock the two together when you pilot single-engine fighters. 

Includes Playable Demo of Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII

Take to the skies in one of over 30 accurately represented aircraft and defend the Pacific Theater from invading enemy forces. Fight your way through intense air-to-air, air-to-ship, and air-to-ground combat while piloting dive bombers, fighters, and torpedo bombers over visually striking, historically accurate locations. From the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor to the fierce Battle of Iwo Jima, outmaneuver your foes through more than 20 multi-objective single-player missions.


3x buttons, realistic trigger and POV stick

Removable handle

Integrated dual throttles

Aircraft inspired toggle switches

3-potions mode - switch instantly

Powerful ST programming software adds more complex commands to each button

Cable length: 1.8m

Package Contents:

Pacific AV8R FlightStick Base

Pacific AV8R FlightStick Handle

4x Detachable Leg Supports

Custom Decal Kit

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