XSPC X4 Reservoir/Pump Combo

R1 303.48
R1 499.00


The X4 Tank Reservoir/Pump Combo is a compact acrylic reservoir with our new X4 pump.

The X4 pump is a compact and high performance pump, designed specifically for PC water-cooling. The pump offers similar performance to a D5 pump on setting 4, but at a lower noise level and a more affordable price.

Each reservoir/pump combo is hand assembled and pressure tested before sale to ensure reliability.


Reservoir Specification:

  • Dimensions: 111 x 80 x 88mm

  • Reservoir Material: High Quality Acrylic

  • Bracket Material: Aluminium

  • 2 x 5mm LED Hole

  • G1/4″ Inlet and Outlet

  • M20 Fill-cap

  • Individually Pressure Tested

  • Capacity 200ml

X4 Pump Specification:

  • Power Connector: SATA Power

  • Maximum Flow: 600 lph (12V)

  • Maximum Head Delivery: 3m (12V)

  • Minimum Startup Voltage: 5V

  • Power Consumption 10W (12V

  • Noise Level: ~35dBA

  • Maximum Temperature: 60C