Cooler Master C700R Cooling Bracket

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The Cooling Bracket for COSMOS C700 Series is capable of mounting upto three 140mm fans or a 420mm radiator. The removable design allows you to mount the fans or the radiator outside the chassis then put it back.

Thus you can make your build with less hassle on space constraint. It is highly recommended to add a cooling bracket at the buttom of COSMOS C700 Series chassis for adding more air intake or build more liquid cooling systems.


Product NameCooling Bracket for COSMOS C700 Series
Model NumberMCA-C700R-KCB000
Available ColorMatt Black
Dimensions (L x W x T)446 x 148 x 24mm / 17.6 x 5.8 x 0.9inch
Weight274g / 9.7oz
Warranty1 year