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Desktop PC Components

Whether you're a total tech newbie or an experienced computer-builder, the first step is always to work out which parts you need for your PC. Here at Titan Ice, we stock components from a range of leading brands at competitive prices to give you the best choice possible. 

Offering an extensive collection of PC parts ranging from the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, to graphics cards, motherboards, Hard Drives, SSDs, PSUs and much more, you'll be sure to find anything and everything you need.

With such a wide range of PC Components at great prices, whether you’re adding a new lease of life to your existing PC or building an epic Gaming Rig from scratch, Titan Ice have you covered. Browse our range of PC Components below. 



The motherboard is the primary component in your PC. It completes communication and installation between all other components. A motherboard has RAM slots, CPU socket, PCIE slot and data drive connections. 


The processor is the brain of the computer and is the main processing chip of your PC. The CPU is the PC part that runs all instructions and allows programs to function and process information to all other components.

Power Supply

The power supply manages the wattage and voltage to allow your entire computer to operate. The PSU helps to maintain complete functionality and also dictates the components you can install.

Storage Drive

The storage drive is where all your files, photos, games, programs and more are stored. You can choose from a traditional hard drive for more storage or a solid state drive for faster access to files, or you can have both for a hybrid setup. 


PC memory, also called RAM, stores the programs and applications that are running on your computer, including the operating system. Typical module capacities are 8GB, 16GB or 32GB.

Graphics Card

The GPU is the primary component for processing all image data on computers. A crucial gaming PC part, gamers need the right graphics cards to get the best frame rates for the best visual quality. 

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