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Custom Built PCs

Our range of pre-built and custom gaming PCs will give you a competitive edge with any game you’re playing. If you’re looking to maximize your frame rate or enable ray-tracing, we have the computers and components for you!

We’re South Africa’s Own Pre-Built & Custom PC Builders

Whether you’ve never bought a PC before, or you have years of experience and need a few technical questions answered, our team can help. We have been providing Pretoria and beyond with gaming components like water cooling systems, graphics cards and power supplies for years - so we can help you maximize any budget! 


That’s because our team can work with you to build a custom system that is designed for everything you need. We find this is perfect for newcomers who struggle to understand what hardware is needed to play certain games.

We’ll be honest, we’re all gamers here at Titan-Ice, too.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions at all and we’ll be happy to help.