4 Benefits Of Customising Your Gaming Setup With Corsair RGB Lighting 

Whether you are an avid gamer, a streamer or a casual player, you know how important a well-designed gaming setup can be for your gaming experience. Corsair RGB is a leading manufacturer of high-performance PC components that are perfect for anyone looking to optimise their gaming setup. Corsair RGB lighting technology utilises user-friendly devices and software to enhance your gaming experience through a range of options. There are multiple reasons why any PC gaming fan should consider Corsair for their setup.

Enhances The Gaming Experience

From their Pro Gaming Keyboard to their Twin LED Fans, Corsair’s RGB lighting solutions are designed to enhance your gaming experience through customisable lighting that helps to create an environment that truly reflects your style and game preferences. Corsair allows you to optimise your gaming experience through customisable lighting effects that can create visual cues for different in-game events which not only fully emerges the player into the virtual world, but also allows you to react quickly. Corsair’s RGB lighting can also be a ubiquitous gaming tool that can be synchronised to other components of your gaming setup such as the keyboard, mouse and even headset. This feature creates a cohesive and immersive gaming environment for the player.

Find Your Perfect Gaming Aesthetic 

Whether you’re a casual player or a professional gamer that streams on Discord, Twitch or Youtube, Corsair’s RGB lighting products are unparalleled in their customizability that truly lets users create a unique aesthetic for their gaming set-up. Corsair technology like the LL120 Dual Light Loop allows you to switch up the lighting modes and colour options to create a fully customised gaming set-up suited to your preferences. Select from a nearly endless range of options that match your gaming style, from vivid and bold colours for exciting, action-packed video gaming to pastels and understated palettes for relaxed entertainment like life simulators. For gaming beginners, consider a simple Smart Lighting Strip to test out what lighting and colour swatches work best for you.

Easy Installation & Use

Corsair's RGB lighting products are designed to be incredibly user-friendly, whether you are trying to install a 3-in-1 Gaming Bundle or just a Mouse. As a leading developer of gaming systems, Corsair provides detailed instructions to help easily install each of their products without requiring technical expertise. Once installed, Corsair’s intuitive software provides both novice and professional gamers with a user-friendly interface that allows you to choose from an extensive array of colours and effects. For those looking for a simple and quick set-up, you can select predefined options or create your own custom lighting profile to reflect your style. Furthermore, if you are still struggling to install or optimise your RGB lighting solution, contact us for advice here.

Synchronised Lighting Effects

Corsair’s RGB lighting technology is developed with ubiquity in mind. Products are built with Corsair’s iCUE software which works to synchronise your desired lighting and colour effects across multiple devices to create a cohesive and immersive gaming experience. The industry-leading software provides users with an intuitive interface that is both user-friendly and comprehensive so that you can manage all of your Corsair products in one place. From their Wireless Gaming Keyboard to a Liquid CPU Cooler to even an Optical Wireless Mouse, Corsair RGB lighting can take your gaming to the next level through ubiquitous lighting and colouring software. Corsair’s iCUE easy-to-use software helps to ensure that your gaming set-up’s devices all complement one another which makes them an essential component of your gaming experience.

Choose Corsair With Titan-Ice Computers

With a vast range of options to choose from, Corsair's RGB technology allows you to create a truly personalised gaming setup that reflects your unique point of view. Whether you're an occasional player, pro gamer or streamer, Corsair's intuitive software and user-friendly interface make it easy for anyone to create stunning lighting and colour effects for an immersive experience. 

At Titan-Ice Computers, we are leading suppliers of PC components, peripherals and tools in South Africa; we also provide custom-built PCs for highly personalised gaming. If you are seeking Corsair products for an optimised gaming and streaming experience, browse our extensive selection of RGB keyboards, CPU coolers, mouses and light loops today. You can also contact us at 086 12 TITAN (84826) or via email at for more information on the products and services we provide.

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