Eaton 5E 1500VA Line-Interactive UPS

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Work through under & overvoltage without wasting battery thanks to Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Rely on batteries anytime : 5E batteries are permanently recharged (even when off) and UPS can start without mains (Cold-start)

Avoid back door damages coming through phone lines : 5E USB models are equipped with data line surge protection (Internet/Tel/Fax)

Plug easily any equipment to the UPS (PC, HD TV, internet gateway,…) thanks to IEC and Schuko outlets (on DIN models)

Install 5E anywhere thanks to its small size

Easily manage your UPS from your PC


Power Rating: 1500 VA / 900W

Voltage: 230 V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Configuration: Tower

Technology:  Line-Interactive

Input voltage range without using batteries: 170V - 280V

Output voltage: 230V

Data line surge protection (Internet/Tel/Fax): Yes

Typical backup times for 1 PC: 50 min *

Communication ports: USB

Noise level: <45dB

Dimensions: 330 x 180 x 133mm

Please Note: A UPS is not designed to provide continuous power, merely a window period of minutes that allows a computer or other user to finalize the work at hand and shut down safely. It's ability to do this is dependent on the number of devices connected to the UPS. Any use of a UPS unit for powering devices outside of normal office equipment can and will void your warranty.

To establish what you can and cannot connect, calculate the total wattage you need to supply and ensure that the UPS you purchase meets that requirement. 

Take care not to let the UPS batteries run down completely to 0% - this can damage the batteries. Use the UPS software to control and manage the unit properly.

* Regarding fan noise: UPS fan stays on under charging and discharging cycles. Fan noise is high

* Backup times are approximate and may vary with equipment, configuration, battery age, temperature, etc.

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